Hello Stranger.

Here are some random facts about myself...

∼ I am originally from Sant Celoni — a little town near Barcelona. But I also lived in Dublin for 3 years, and now I'm in Munich.

∼ I'm utterly fascinated by psychology, cognitive science and all the intricate connections between the human mind and the digital world.

∼ I went to Lapland and yes, I saw the Northern Lights.

∼ Back in the days, when helping my dad to adjust the zoom on the browser so he could read the newspaper, I realised how important accessibility is and the huge responsibility we (designers) have towards it.

∼ So, to create awareness among the designer & devs community, I organised the Munich Accessibility Meetup.

∼ Recently I started to code. This website is a vivid proof of it. Still, lots to learn but I truly enjoy it. (I also appreciate feedback, if you fancy)

∼ My favourite Star Wars character is, against all the odds, Chewbacca.

∼ Oh, I also like to write. And sometimes I even speak (publicly).

me playing videogames