My name is Núria Peña and I'm a designer who...

~ Designs simple.

I'm always searching for ways to make it easier, faster and more pleasant for people to accomplish their goals.

~ Cares about inclusion.

I believe that as designers, we have the power and responsibility to build products that are accessible to everyone. That's why together with some colleagues, we organised the Munich Accessibility Meetup with the aim of creating awareness among professionals.

~ Has different backgrounds.

I am a graphic designer by nature (with a deep love for Typography), but I've always been drawn to the intersection that's possible when design, technology, and human behaviour meet. So over the last years, I specialised on User Experience Design and worked on different products from a diverse type of industries. Currently, I'm working as a Design Team Lead at Holidu, a Munich-based company.

You can check my LinkedIn account to see where I worked in the past.

~ Codes.

I always found easier to communicate with my fellow engineers when we can speak the same language(s). So I self-trained myself with the basics of HTML and CSS so I can build simple websites, like this one.

~ Is constantly learning.

Lately, I'm training myself on the fundamentals of psychology and the impact that digital services have on the people. Amongst other disciplines, I'm especially interested in cognitive behaviour, biases and ethics.

Tokyo streets in the night
oh, and I'm originally from the Mediterranean, so I grow better in the sun.